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21 Сен 2021
Azure-250 Ruble (not need Ukraine Account)
Azure (2 Days old with Virtual machin Run)
Update after registering in Pay as you use green arrow at the left top and choose basic support Plan then start a virtual machine and rest the account 1 day if subsription still active the i will buy, use 1 CARD and 1 phone number = 1 ACCOUNT - Do not make duplicates. If you make a lot of Accounts, change Browsers + vpn or proxy (USE real card if possible they have long life)

Amazon SES 5-10-50K limit -We will Discuss price On Telegram

AmazonEC2 (Port 25 Open) - We will Discuss price

(Port 25 close \ Standard account) - (250 Ruble )
Port 25 open (If they ask rdns) -1000 Ruble
Port 25 open complete - 1200 Ruble
Manual; - search on google <linode> then click on 100 $ credit link then make a standard account, You need good card with 1 $
For Port 25 open- First start a small server in cenots7 and then open support ticket)

Vultr (Port 25 Open) - ( 1000 Ruble )
Vultr without port (simple account) -250 ruble
(First start 1-2 server then open support ticket for Port 25 open)

Atlantic Cloud - 400 Ruble
For registration Physical Card + Documents upon request. After Registration, the account is checked for about 1 hour - How will it enter into the account then it is ready. 1 CARD = 1 ACCOUNT - Do not make duplicates. 1-2 $ They will also withdraw and return in 1-3 days.

Google cloud ( Ukraine Account not need ) - (500 Ruble)

Digital Ocean (port 25 open)
(Uzbekistan / Kazakhstan / kyrgyzstan /
Belarus / USA) - (500 Ruble)

Ramnode cloud - 10 $ (700 ruble)
For verification add 3 $ from your card then, make 1-2 server, then you need a passport next to a handwritten note with the inscription "Ramnode" and today date, send this passport in support ticket

Scaleway Cloud - 400 rubles -
account with verification via support - for verification they require a selfie with a document to whom they registered and a dock from page 1 and registration where the passport number is visible I also need + a phone number can make a call. Create 1-3 servers and wait for the Account blocking while they themselves request Verification, usually in tech. day everything is done. Registration - linking a card - verification on a selfie with a dock - linking a phone number is all during registration. 1 Documents = 1 Registration is not necessary for 1 documents 2-3-4 accounts

Mailgun and Sendgrid (100K Limit) SMTP account Also need

Payment method - QIWI , USDT, BTC, Yomoney, Private24, perfect money

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My Telegram @miller0007
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Name - James miller on telegram