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21 Сен 2021
Amazon SES 5-10-50K limit -We will Discuss price On Telegram

AmazonEC2 (Port 25 Open) - We will Discuss price

(Port 25 close \ Standard account) - (250 Ruble )
Port 25 open -1800 rub
Manual; - search on google <linode> then click on 100 $ credit link then make a standard account, You need good card with 1 $
For Port 25 open- First start a small server in cenots7 and then open support ticket)

Vultr (Port 25 Open) - ( 700 Ruble )
Vultr without port (simple account) -250 ruble
(First start 1-2 server then open support ticket for Port 25 open)

Atlantic Cloud - 500 Ruble
For registration Physical Card + Documents upon request. After Registration, the account is checked for about 1 hour - How will it enter into the account then it is ready. 1 CARD = 1 ACCOUNT - Do not make duplicates. 1-2 $ They will also withdraw and return in 1-3 days.

Google cloud ( Ukraine Account not need ) - (1100 Ruble)

Digital Ocean (port 25 open)
(Uzbekistan / Kazakhstan / kyrgyzstan /
Belarus / USA) - (500 Ruble)

Ramnode cloud - 10 $ (700 ruble)
For verification add 3 $ from your card then, make 1-2 server, then you need a passport next to a handwritten note with the inscription "Ramnode" and today date, send this passport in support ticket

Scaleway Cloud - 400 rubles -
account with verification via support - for verification they require a selfie with a document to whom they registered and a dock from page 1 and registration where the passport number is visible I also need + a phone number can make a call. Create 1-3 servers and wait for the Account blocking while they themselves request Verification, usually in tech. day everything is done. Registration - linking a card - verification on a selfie with a dock - linking a phone number is all during registration. 1 Documents = 1 Registration is not necessary for 1 documents 2-3-4 accounts

Mailgun and Sendgrid (100K Limit) SMTP account Also need

Payment method - QIWI , USDT, BTC, Yomoney, Private24, perfect money

{Before Contact me Please Check my original Telegram ID}
My Telegram username- @miller0007
LAN Telegram Link >>
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Name - James miller on telegram
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